Thank you CashToday for saving me the hassle and money of a reconnection fee and preventing my phone from getting disconnected.

Cynthia S.

Sometimes there are circumstances where you need extra money for bills or emergencies; this is an amazing service that I have used and will continue to do so.

- Jason C.

I would definitely recommend CashToday to all my friends. I didn't have the funds to pay my bills and they were stacking up fast. With a payday loan taken out through CashToday I was able to pay my bills on time without the late fees; they were such a big help!

- Thomas Y.

I have always been pretty skeptical of payday loans and was full of questions for CashToday's loan specialists. They explained everything I needed to know about how a payday loan works and eased my mind about the whole process, making me confident in my decision in taking out my payday loan with CashToday.

- Andrew L.

I didn't have the money to take our family dog Bailey to the vet when she got very ill, but thankfully CashToday has fast payday loans and I was able to take out a loan quickly and take Bailey to the vet. I wouldn't have been able to get my dog healthy in time without this loan. My family thanks you; our dog just may have not lived without this loan.

- Dianne S.

I was compelled to write a message to your company to say thank you and let you know how amazed I was at the speed I got my loan. I applied yesterday for my loan and literally this morning I checked by bank account and the funds had already been deposited - talk about impressive speed! Thanks, CashToday.

- Christina R.

Everyone should know that CashToday has amazing Customer service! Thanks for being there and being so friendly and knowledgeable. !

- David A.

I had no money to fix my car when it unexpectedly broke down on me and I was stranded with no transportation. Thanks to CashToday's payday loan, I had the money available in my account the next day to get my car fixed. CashToday's payday service is fast and easy and I would definitely recommend to all my friends.

- Glenn G.

I have used other payday advance companies before and had to wait for a check in the mail, but not with CashToday. My payday loan was in my bank account the day after a payday loan specialist called and let me know that I was approved. I'm so impressed with the speed I received my money. This is an excellent service!

- Carrie R.

With the payday loan I took out I was able to pay my bills that were due. CashToday provides an amazing service and I hope that this company and others realize how valuable this is to people who may need extra money who live paycheck to paycheck.

- Michael K.

I was stressed out about not having enough money for my electric bill and I always thought that the procedure for getting a payday loan would be too complicated. CashToday makes payday loans easy and fast. Thank you for helping me get my money so quickly. With the free payday loan I was able to pay my bill before my electricity was disconnected.

- Steve P.

With the assistance of CashToday's amazing customer service I was able to not only get the amount of money I needed to pay my tuition, but I got the loan so quickly that I didn't even miss a single class. Thank you CashToday for helping me through this process!

- Casey H.

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